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Factory Introduction
Dandong Yongyu Glassware Factory is located in Dan Dong---the border city in the north of Liao Ning Province.We are a sole proprietory privately-owned business,our total area is 15000 square meters,our products are various in over 10 series,more than 1000 different types and colors,exporting to over 55 countries around Europe,America and Asia,and we are highly recognized by all our customers.We are lead by senoir engineer Mr.Ma YongLiang who has engaged in glass business for over 40 years,combining traditional glass technics with modern arts,and we are working hard together to make our factory stronger and perfect.

Factory Honor:
*Our flysch-imitated glassware won silver medal in the 36th “Eureka” international new technology invention.
*Our flysch-imitated glassware and multicolored strip glassware both won the 18th Geneva international new technology invention in 1990.

Silver medal award:
* Agate-imitated glassware won the silver medal in the 82nd Paris international new technology invention in 1991.
* National and municipal Prominent contribution award;


Workshop Introduction:
A*Packaging Workshop:
We apply unified management to the packaging staff,they must meet the packaging requirement of every product,and the specialist will set an example of the packaging step in order to make the exterior condition perfect.Every packaging worker dedicates themselves to a perfect ending of the working procedure.